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We utilise the founding Physics of the Universe to perform self-dissection upon it


There are secrets within the layers of our cosmology, some of which hide deep within the void, or barred behind divine walls

Good Morals

Ethics are Subjective, and many of our employees lack the same values or comprehension of reality. We assure you that we unify their values to our beneficial standards.   

For The Labs

As old as human history, and with sound assurance, outlasting human history, we at ToonLabs bring you innovation and experimentation. No topics are too grave, taboo or lacklustre for us. 

Neither are you. Neither are we.  

We at ToonLabs are open and willing to speak with select residents of various populations. Thus we conceived the ToonLabs-Collective-Interface to facilitate communications with those outside our facilities. 

We know who you are. 

We know what you are.

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