"Prometheus has Fallen; Take the Flames"

The future is now! 

For years the labs have began expanding into grander concepts for our central complexes. As such, we have devised this: An entire laboratory, and yet filled with the niceties of home. Shops, cafes and gardens and pools just to assure the faculty is comfortable. 

While the projects conducted here may be nowhere near as grand as the ones in the Central Complex, ToonLabs 2, it is a massive stepping stone in the Labs plans for the future. For the first time, this Lab welcomes outsiders from across the space to stay and enjoy their time in the labs. 

This complex is overseen by Chairman Jamie Chace. While he is human, we assure he will care for this facility as if the Overseer was watching his every move.  

Any questions about a secrete project being conducted within this Lab are incorrect, and we encourage you to mock spreaders of these terrible tidbits. 

Please Enjoy. 

A word from Chairman Jamie Chace

'It is an honor to be chairman of ToonLabs 3. In the Labs long history, there hasn't been a Chairman maintaining a Central Complex until me. I came from the Northern Astronomy Settlement, and despite the sour reputation it had gathered in recent times, I can assure you that while I was there, it ran steadfast and strong. 

I will continue to lead us into the future and together we will stand strong to what comes next. '

- Jamie Chace

a rEMINDER from the Overseer

'There are rumors that ToonLabs 3 was designed with a secretive project in mind. We see you all as incredible, intelligent people and it I enjoy that you are so active in simulating your mind with all these theories. However, the Labs must remain covert, and these invigorating theories may bring unwanted attention

Keep this creativity to yourself.' 

-The Overseer