The Senior Circle

The Founder

The Sole Surviving Progenitor


Head of Medical Science


Head of Scientific Investigation & Central Data Admin

Oliz Frait 

Head of Legality

Arson. L

Head of Defense Science

The Blue Fairy

Head of Arcane Studies

About Us

We are the tight-knit team that shapes and handles life at ToonLabs - no matter your division, all information filters up and up, right to our doorstep!  Most of you will never see us together, and some of you won't even see the head of your division; but we assure you that every action you take, every trial and error is applauded from above. 

Some of our ranks were hired from the same material as you reading this, such as our Legal Eagal Oliz Frait. Others have been here a while longer - such as our august Founder. 

We come from all walks of life; organic, mechanical, bioorganic or not-applicable. Some of us will be with the Labs for a short while, whilst others will live on until the last star dies. Regardless of how long we serve on the Senior Circle, we now service ToonLabs.

For the