Central Complexes

Photograph of ToonLabs Prime (3004 BC)
Artistic Depiction of ToonLabs Prine by human
Pieter Bruegel the Elder


ToonLabs Prime


This was our original base of operation, retroactively designated ToonLabs Prime. This wonderful complex was where our journey to scientific preeminence, and every in-between, began. 

The complex began construction inside a small mountain rich in resources on a planet named [][][][] by the local fauna. While its successor would codify our beliefs, this complex established many of our principles.

There are theories of a correlation between the destruction of ToonLabs Prime and Mars - this is speculation verging on rumour.

Please do not speculate on ancient history.

[],[][][] BC - 3000 BC 

ToonLabs 1


ToonLabs 1 was established upon a then-acquired planet T0-N5 shortly after the destruction of ToonLabs Prime. 

The technological developments in this arguably golden era led to countless innovations and even allowed the conception of many of our cybernetic employees - even Glaze! Most members of the current Senior Circle began their commission during this time, replacing those who died at the destruction of ToonLabs Prime.

Because of the massive resources available to us, we had an unorthodox, patchwork construction. Our endless space led to many passageways and long-forgotten parts of the complex spreading cavernously across the planet. 

Foreclosed experiments, equipment and even entire wings of the complex were sealed away.

This branch was destroyed, along with planet T0-N5. 

1850 AD - 2012 AD 

Photograph of ToonLabs 1 Central Entrance(2011 AD)


ToonLabs 2: Gate A Entrance 

ToonLabs 2

Our Current Prime location. 

Built within the territory of the Wolf Emperor [Location T0-F2] this branch is a state-of-the-art facility. Many of the late-game designs of ToonLabs 1 were carried over, with a state-of-the-art monorail system webbing together larger and more widespread wings of the complex. 

We also began implementing a new method of designing, constructing and then deconstructing experiments, testing chambers and even wings for maximum efficiency. 

Recreational activities are of the highest standard. We include cafes, restaurants, entertainment, sports and other recreational activities. 


ToonLabs 3

For the first time in our history, two primary complexes are operating simultaneously. 

ToonLabs 3 contains specialised facilities specifically designed for our space fairing laboratory; stellar cartography, solar navigation & long-term botanical gardens.

This complex is designed with comfort in mind, with various amenities to entertain and dissuade occupants from pondering the lethal vacuum outside. Due to the isolated nature of the facility, we accommodate and allow families on board as a standard policy. 

We also conduct restricted trade with outsiders but diligently keep our vital technology and methods to heart. 


Exterior of ToonLabs 3