"Evolution through Progression"

ToonLabs 2 revitalised the ideals developed over the lifetime of ToonLabs 1. With the opportunity to build a new Central Complex from scratch, we strove to make it sharp, polished and far more efficient than ToonLabs 1. Sections are clearly divided into Wings with further quality-of-life systems threaded across the Labs. 

We would like to thank the Wolf Emperor He has graciously allowed us to build ToonLabs 2 underneath his kingdom. It was his hospitality that allowed us to thrive and survive the loss of ToonLabs 1. 

Our New Home

The Wolf Emperor has graciously welcomed us to his planet, located on Wolf Planet Alpha. 

It has become a haven for those persecuted across the Earth for being magic, aliens or otherwise perceived as 'unnatural.' 

This is our home, and let's protect it.

ToonLabs Metro System

ToonLabs 2 has implemented a state of the art metro system. 

This allows employees to quickly move from Wing to Wing, with each Wing unaliasing multiple stations for maximum security and efficiency.

Please Note: This is an artistic rendering of the Metro System, and is not to be used as a method of navigation.